Thursday, November 6, 2008

holiday shopping...

i am up to my ears in the holiday budget, lists and ideas.

i always try to get this all done before halloween, but this year i have been so busy with house plans, the financing process and putting our condo up for sale (again) that i haven't had much time.

i am a big believer in cyber shopping for the holidays as you find more variety and you don't get sucked into the wal mart trap.

i was talking with a friend the other day about what lines to draw with christmas gift giving. i like to make sure i am not giving just to give. i like to think about each person i give to and what they would like.

with our kids we have santa bring them one big gift.
{they think about it all year. it is something that has to be durable and that they really, really want. that way it becomes an investment instead of something for charity after a few weeks.}

scott hated in years past that we weren't "giving" them a gift just from us. so, we decided to do the three wiseman concept. they get three gifts from mom and dad.

"winds of love" has caught on that she only gets 4 presents and was disgruntled this year. i told her that the baby jesus got three presents for christmas and he didn't even get a santa gift. i told her getting too many gifts makes us forget why we celebrate christmas. she was really good with it. i think she saw that she could fit everything on her list and it was stuff she was really excited about. her and bud "e" have both had to eliminate and re prioritize what they want several times. i am really pleased with it and hope it doesn't warrant therapy in years to come. i told "winds of love" if we had a million dollars this is how we would do it.

how do you gift?


Kristy said...

I like your method. Paul and I have had several discussions about this over the past months. We really want to make sure that we don't "over-do" the gift-giving aspect of Christmas. It really can draw away from the true meaning. What we've decided is that each person will get four presents:

-Something to read
-Something they need
-Something to wear
-Something they want

This will also give me some direction in my shopping! I like your idea of only one thing coming from Santa. I'll have to talk to Paul about that one.

Roberta said...

Kids in general always get way too many gifts for Christmas. They don't even play with them all Christmas morning. I love your Wise Men concept, and think it will be adapted into our family. Thanks for the inspiration!

Lauren said...

I love that idea of yours! I think it is smart !

Kat said...

h. mac, you were in my dream last night. We were out on a sofa in someone's backyard on a beautiful summer day chatting with one of my sisters and watching the kids roll down a grass hill. Totally random, but it was nice to "catch up".

And the Christmas thing I like that Bobby's family does is that everyone gets a certain amount of money (the amount is the same for everyone)and anything they want or need has to be under the amount. You can get one big thing, or a few small things. Once you are married, the amount is split between their child and the spouse and any children. Or you can just do what my parents do and give emergency kits/food storage/72 hour kits/car repair kits/ get the idea. My family is very practical, but we are prepared for ANYTHING.

Bekah said...

We have done 3 gifts for the last 3 years so your kids get a bonus with the santa gift. We have a gift of sentimental value (something homemade) I've done quilts for beds, Marc has made new furniture for their beds etc. Something practical and something purely for fun. Since starting this concept I have beefed up the stockings. I'm proud of your very restrained parenting, it can be hard not to spoil sometimes.

Bekah said...

I agree with you 100%. For the last 4 years we have done the 3 wiseman 3 presents concept with 1 gift being sentimental (a quilt I made for a bed, a piece of furniture Marc made for their room etc.), something practical and something just fun. Since starting this I have beefed up the stocking stuffers. Way to be a strong parent.

Coty said...

yep yep yep, it's been quite the struggle getting the kiddies to respect the things that are given them...(when too much is given)
since our kids are the first batch of grandchilluns' on my hubby's side...they are spoiled rotten.
i think the one big santa gift is a brilliant idea...
i just truly love the way you think. it's inspirational.

erin said...

love this idea. matt and i have been trying to set some ground rules now that we've got the foxman. i'm showing him your blog.

Chas said...

These are great ideas.. We are supporters of the 1 Santa gift and will really consider the 3 wisemen concept. Thanks for Sharing.