Monday, October 20, 2008

{love letters from h.mac}

dearest "winds of love",

you are the sparkle in my eye. and my little helen the other eye.

i love that you cuddle still, it is cool at 7.

i love how determined you are. case in point, last year you were insistent on short hair when no one had it. this year, all of your friends are sporting a fancy a-line and you have a long pony every day.

i love your gentleness.

i love your giggle, oh that sweet, belly roaring giggle.

i love your eyes, they tell me a story....

i love your cute hour glass figure, that cute little waist and a junky trunk, you couldn't be more lovely.

i love that you are taking piano when all the world seems to be taking dance and you don't want to do both. whew.....

i love when you are tender with bud"e" and helen, oh how they love you.

i love your love for life, there's just not enough time in the day for you.

i love when you were 3 going through your helpful stage of always looking out for others and you told me i should get a jazzy wheelchair and i could get around better. then recited the number to call and the benefits. shortly after, telling me i need new colgate with extra whitening bubble action because my teeth were yellow.

i love how much forgiveness you allow in the way of how i parent you, you make me better

i love your thoughtfulness, like how you gave all of your piggy bank money to UNICEF, that was tender.

i love you and could go on and on.....

much love,

h.mac your motha


Brooke said...

they must have really encouraged the kiddies to give to UNICEF cause mine gave his piggy bank, too. Always love the love sweet.

Anonymous said...

you are such a great person.. I love your blog.. you write amazing, sweet things. Its so funny you left a comment on my page because I saw yours today and was going to leave you a comment.. I just figured out that I am visiting teaching partners with your new sis-in-law. Your brother and her are in our ward!! We havent gone out visiting..but we will soon. They are the sweetest couple..and it makes sense now..its because the are RELATED to YOU!!!! Keep in touch..Kari