Saturday, October 18, 2008

a very hapy birthday....

to you!

oh, my little helen.

i love every chubby piece of you.

i know we are both so glad to have the experience of these last 2 years behind us, we now have communication on our side, lovie.

i love how you can now focus all of your incredible intensity on the following:

*kisses and hugs and kisses and hugs
*eating real food, no more momma's milk or the "mawowees" as you so lovingly called it
*coloring on papo
*wearing manties{panties} and figuring out why easton was given a squirt gun and you weren't
*holding hands when we go places
*saying no and meaning it
*being such a bright spot in our lives

the last weeks have been like day and night with her. the kid inside is coming alive and making me see that one day, she might have a sibling. {one day -very, very futuristically speaking}

happy birthday helen, we love you and every part that comes with it!


Chas said...

Happy Birthday! Welcome again, to the very up and down world of a 2 year old!

Brooke said...

so glad the last 2 years are behind you! We love your sweet little chubby girl.

Justin, Kalee, Jackson, and Ava Rose Peacock said...

Happy Birthday! I just cannot get enough of that picture...oh, that grin! Good bye to the baby years!:)

ps Tammy Mumford had her baby boy the same day....what are the chances?

Natalie Ropelato said...

Happy Birthday Ella, I can't believe she is 2 already. It seems like yesterday that she started going to nursery. I think that is a darling idea to write letters to your girls. If I could write half as good as you, I'd do the same.

paige m. said...

I.LOVE.THAT.PICTURE! it just says Hella!

Ashlee said...

Okay, this is the most adorable picture. Ever.