Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the latest thrift find...

came from a new thrift store that opened up about 10 minutes away, {locals email me, it is a killer find}


bill the dad called me and said h.mac, go to the salvation store now. there is a old tin flour bin that you will want for your new kitchen and it is $5.99, it's good. thrilled every part of me was.

admission: i don't usually peruse thrift stores. i once had to sort stuff at a local one on a volunteer basis and after my friend natalie opened a bag with living things flying from it, i had halted all charity shopping.
my love of kitchen items got the better of me - so, after i grabbed the tin i shuffled with the kidlets thru to the kitchen part. and i found these beauties.
when i got home i looked on the back to find a made in england label with florentine on them. after some searching i found they are hot babies {thanks bill the wise dad}
there are 12 pieces, just right for the eclectic collection i already have going.
more vintage goodness coming next week as i have enough to last for a few months worth of posts....


Amy said...

hey girl, I would love to know where to find this store. I am a thrift junkie.. so I would rather not get the details on your bad experience. ha ha. Yard sales are definitely the best.
love the dishes, great find!!!
Call me. I miss you!

Veronica said...

Heidi, I love your new dishes! WOW what a find. Let me know where the new store is...I am like you....too much sorting at the other store on a volunteer basis and gagging by the end.....but we keep doing it when they need the help. Sounds like a great new store.

for petesakes said...

Those are beautiful! Good find. Ok, now you have me wondering where this great new store is