Wednesday, October 15, 2008

{a new weekly installment}

for a long long time, well about two years now, a project has been brewing in my wee little head.

a project including all of my life altering experiences that happened to me in new haven, CT {sniff, sniff, weepiness happens at the mention}

i had the chance to visit with gma helen a week or so back. one of my favorite things.

she was talking about a family member who had a rough childhood and how in the depths of their self inflicted misery was taught a very life improving lesson by a hard decision imposed on him by his mom. grandmas statement about this particular story has rolled around in my head for a few weeks. she said, that tough love was the making of oliver {names changed to protect the innocent}.

i have had the chance to think about the making of me.

i've been fortunate enough to be given a lot of amazing tools thru out my life and our journey in connecticut was the making of me. i got to use all of the tools i was given in a really tough situation. thru it i found who i was, what i loved and what made me happy.

i have always wanted to write a book about how that experience shaped me but as that sounds too lofty i always put it off, so thru the course of many, many weekly installments, a blog book will be born.......

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coty said...

i'm excited and...i'm jealous; your find at the thrift store!!!
i'm never so lucky :( however, my optimism has returned, as soon as the drizzle lets up (it's truly unrelenting) i'm on my way. thank you.