Thursday, October 23, 2008


i have to say i love a good patio sit.

yes. here at the mac house you won't find much game playing.

our recipe for enjoyment consists of the following:





and the best place to do this is outside of course, and sitting in one of these makes this process all the more sweet.

my grandparents estate is being settled and dispersed. would you believe what a hot item the metal retro patio furniture was? mostly i think for the classic colors of red, blue and yellow but also the many, many laughs and time that passed sitting on them. i have been on a quest to find some that will help me remember them with and this is what i have found:

and again, yay target! they carry a full set in a lime green you can see it here.


Roberta said...

send me your email address so I can invite you to my blog.

Kari and Parker said...

Funny story... when I was about nine years old I was visiting my Aunt Maude.. well she had several of these chairs and the one that I chose to sit in had been welded once before (I did not know that at the time) So I decided to see how far I could make it rock back.. and within a couple of times with my chubby butt I had it rocking so far back it snapped right in half.. my feet went over my head.. it was so hilarious (and I had a skirt so everytime I see these chairs I giggle.. I have a few of them too and just love the retro style!! I LOVE LOVE Target too.. By the way.. Tell s.mac I said HELLO!!

Kari and Parker said...

I just saw your new layout. I love it.. I want it. :(