Friday, September 19, 2008

{love letters from h.mac}

dear mom,

i love you.

i love that you had any children after the trauma of my birth, it would've scared me spitless.

i love that you made me a hot breakfast every day of my {living with you} life.

i love that you had six kids because you knew that is what a higher power called on you to do, not because it was easy. that fills me with hope and happiness when noses are runny.

i love that you and dad instilled in us all a deep love for every living thing that surrounds us. it helps when a stress free escape from this tired momma is needed and i can feel happy enjoying a tree.

i love that you cooked a meal every night and had it ready by 5:00, that made me love food and appreciate how much you must have loved us.

i love that you never try to sugar coat anything, even if it doesn't make me happy.

i love that when i almost married someone other than s.mac, you didn't say a word and let me figure it out myself, even tho it was painful.

i love that you taught us fierce independence, even tho i come over and call a lot......

i love that we can laugh ourselves into a spitting, snorting oblivion. i love making and hearing you laugh.....

mostly, a letter can't express all my love and thanks, but a shot in the dark is better than nothing at all.......

much love,


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Brooke said...

you are so sweet. i love your love letter idea, it is priceless. by the way, what would i do without you as my friend? i was thinking about that this morning. thanks for being so in tune with things. i think you are amazing.