Thursday, September 18, 2008

13 years ago......

if you would have told me i was going to have 3 kids, i would have cried in unbelief.

true story...

many of my young years being told {miracles of mighty means might all work together in your behalf and grant you one little babe.......}

in the early years of motherhood, every day was such an experience for me after spending many days thinking of being without....

but since the last grand entrance of my little hella, there are days my mind can't recall being stricken with thoughts of being barren.......

i have been reflecting and trying to change my burdened attitude of parenthood......

i think sometimes when you are in the depths of diapers, shoes {who knew shoes lost and found could cause such extreme highs and lows from a mother?}, unwanted meals, tears, fits and baths it is super easy to loose sight and hope from things like*

*tying their own shoes
*doing their own hair
*cleaning themselves in a hygienically acceptable manner
*getting their own meals if mandatory
*cleaning the dirty toilet

and on and on.

thoughts of future tasks conquered from my kids bring me extreme highs and then the lows to accompany, like*

moving out
grand kids
discovered strengths

such a journey, parenthood, and~{ how lucky am i that three are in my life right now }

i will gladly take what i can get.........


the Hurst's said...

oh you sentimental boob you...i snotted on my keyboard.

i couldn't agree more. i like the way you think.

i'm such a comment-er huh?

The Ballard's said...

Oh yes, It is good to be reminded. Not to sound silly, but that is why I blog. Everyone knows the crap that happens in everyday life... My quest is to document & remember, perhaps remind, the good times. I swear blogging has helped to change my outlook & my days.