Monday, September 15, 2008

got grunt?

no, well some people on the first sunday of every month do.

it is a joke among some people i love who will remain nameless, ahem.

but, it is a problem I think a presidential candidate should address.

in our church, once a month we fast for 2 meals, then donate the money we would have used for those meals to the welfare fund to help families in need. this is a wonderful thing, and it is a good for the soul practice.

but, coming with it is something never spoken of on sunday, and....

it should be.

when you wake up in the morning if you have any fries in your happy meal, you brush your teeth, right?

and, if that doesn't help because you have halitosis, why then, you take to the altoids, the wrigley's, the spearmint or for pete's sake eat a mint leaf!!!!!

because when you don't, you get the grunt. that is what it smells like, GRUNT.

so, please people, save yourself, save others and get a mint, STOP GRUNT BREATH!

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