Tuesday, June 29, 2010

furniture and decor

so so glad i have taken part in patience waiting to furnish my house. this building stuff is so over rated, you need a year off afterwards. as we are coming upon our year mark of home steading here i have decided to get serious about decor. as in i am thinking about it and have loads of favorites marked. i want classic. i really don't want any part of any earth tone scheme. sorry, i am just so over the rocky mountain palette of browns, beige, and brown. i really think we need a color splash to take these rockies by their boots, every house looks the same. ramblers with earth tones inside and out. we can still be friends if you partake in this tho :).

so here mark a few of my favorites so far. give me 6 months and maybe you will see the finished product! ( i am counting on some serious nesting to kick in)

my red headed husband told me this rug was the last thing he would ever expect me to choose. but we have his grandpa's old green leather 1960 something chiropractic chair waiting for a small repair that would be killer with this rug. also, a great orange chair i love sits in my corner waiting for overstock to restock this baby.
maps are so fascinating to me, i loved this vinyl wall sticker. i am also excited to bring out my retro globes and hoping to accumulate a few cool maps to plaster on the wall. i found this one on etsy.com

brown leather, boo. i want this couch in green velvet. if you know where to find one, this is the most sought after piece i want. i have googled, catalogued and searched every store within a 30 minute range. no luck. the husband loves brown leather, he would buy this. maybe he will win. yellow, wouldn't yellow leather rock this with black stained wood finish? that last sentence just horrified my mother.
oh restoration hardware, you break my heart with your prices. i want this kensington model like i want nachos everyday. because nachos with medium temp cheese and slightly not crispy chips enter my mouth once a week, and when they don't, i dream of them. i blame it all on the baby, but really. i want this sofa in baby blue.
anthropologie. you steal my heart. your cranesbill wallpaper needs to be in my dining room. we need to partake in your beauty while we consume food. you will be coming to momma soon, don't worry.

ever since mrs. limestone introduced the two of us, i haven't been able to get you out of my mind. i love you allister sofa from z gallerie. and i love you mrs limestone. your blog teases my every designing dream. allister, you may be coming home with me. you have nearly booted the green velvet sofa that has permeated my dreams for 2 years now. oh how i wish you were green......
again z gallerie, the baby blue has wormed its way into my heart. you would be so perfect with the above mentioned rug, green retro chair, and orange chair.

by now you are thinking less of my because i want so many couches. truth is i have 3 sitting rooms and it's ridiculous. this house is too big for my taste. it was hard to guage quaint when we were building. utah doesn't know quaint, we just know big. boo. i want to tell you i hate the house payment and it's killing me. no. we guaged our payment just fine, at the end of the day i just have too much house. maybe once it is full of this pretty furniture, the house and i can be friends again. because i do love my kitchen. it makes me smile with every turn of the gas range and beep of the oven. anyway, there is the spread that bounces around in my crazy head everyday and night.

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Brooke said...

love the craziness of all the retro couches. I love different and I am with you on the brown/beige train. It's too much for me!