Sunday, May 17, 2009

loved it

the church i belong to has been doing these great you tube videos. our friend who works downtown for the audio visual dept of the church has been in on this project and has told us of the amazing success they are having to clarify the beliefs of the lds church. i was so glad to come across this one today, it made me really happy, especially after being able to hear from elder scott yesterday and today in our stake conference. you can see it by clicking here.

the redhead had the chance to meet and talk with elder scott years ago while living in europe. his words profoundly influenced s.mac. the anticipation here has been that of christmas as we have waited to hear from an apostle. it was sweet and my cup runneth over. it was a very tender weekend. everything feels balanced and straight within me after hearing such a great and powerful witness.

i thought this was so funny. my redhead has no social restraints. he says hi to all whom he passes. when we were first married i was always so embarrassed as i am more reserved, although i admire his social tenacity. you can believe after the priesthood meeting with elder scott yesterday, my redhead had reacquainted himself with the apostle and when i walked in to the adult session that night, elder scott gave my red head a thumbs up. luckily my attention was turned elsewhere or i would have piddled in my pants. they were exchanging winks thru out the entire meeting. elder scott was insistent on shaking the hands of all who desired so. when it was my turn he was gracious and kind and complimented me, making my cheeks blush. he told me of the things he and my husband had chatted about and then he looked into my soul as only he can, and told me of the great love he felt from my husband for me. after he was finished telling me how much my husband loves me, my bangs and eyelashes got into a war and i was flinching, and fumbling. wanting to yell from the rooftops to this holy man of god that i too was in love with my husband and felt the same. the hair in my eyes left my eyes watering and my nose to start accumulating fluid. also, the red cheeks from being in his presence left me with a dumbfounded look on my face. there was nothing left to salvage and so i did the only thing i could, i went to the next person in line to shake hands with.

the whole way home i kept thinking about this. about how my husband would be so bold and brave to declare his love for me in a very public way. it struck me how different we are in our affections with one another and this embarrassing incident was so telling. if i were public with my voice, i would have told elder scott i love my husband so much, i wanted him to be on the front row for the adult session. so, i told him to stay after the priesthood session was over and save the seats he wanted to best see this holy man and i would bring his dinner over in the car. i would go in and complete saving his seats and he could still enjoy the rest of the evening with a full belly. in love, we find things that we are good at and give them to our partners selflessly. i feed his belly, love his kids and scratch his head when he drives. my words come out slaughtered and short when i speak about this red head of mine. it makes me feel more complete to have his babies, cook his dinner and fold his clothes. and i do appreciate his words of love and have learned he has to hear it 49,000,342 times in a phone call and a day. so, cheers to a weekend where things were opened to my mind and made clear a little more about this life.

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What a neat experience!