Sunday, January 25, 2009

{love letters from h.mac}

dear brother #4,

surprised it's is you? don't be.....

quiet, peaceful and always there. calm. really, really calm.

always happy. always dependable.

and when we lived under the same roof, that phone. i tell you, the phone always ringing for you. although i am sure it had to do with the nickname given you by a group of ladies - devin mc"fine"- i'm sure it also had to do with the fact that you are a friend to everyone. that's about the biggest compliment i can give to you brother. your friends no know bounds. you draw everyone into you and what you are and stand for.

remember when we would fast forward pee wee's big adventure to the part that large marge transformed into a crazy lady? we would say, come in, that part's over now brother. and then.......right as you walked in we would unpause the movie and you would scream and cry? i'm sorry for all 1,233,455 times we did that do you, please forgive us. that was mean, and the harry and the hendersons movie you were afraid of, (what 3 year old wouldn't be) sorry about that one too.......

i love your early morning happiness. mountain man and i were talking yesterday about how you were up and fed by 6 every morning and how one summer we thought what the heck? is there sometheing good happening we don't know about? and how that whole summer we tried beating you in getting up. well, the truth was, you got control of the remote and that was as good as $1 bill to us. too bad the inner sleep demon took over mountain man, veener and i. still has, maybe you are born a happy waker upper.......

i love you i do. i love how patient you are with my kids and how they love you. words aren't enough for this sis to let you know.

much love,


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Erin said...

something i remember about devin: i don't remember the age, but he liked to wear turtlenecks and dockers no matter the season. always looking good in smart casual.