Friday, July 6, 2012

i love how strong we are

that was the first line in the card scott gave me this morning.

because i have been incredibly emotional lately, i had to take a few minutes to gather myself and read the rest of the card.  it was one of those cards that was written just for us.  it was very sweet and tender.  i have thought about these years we have spent together, taking life on.  what a wonderful ride we are one.  what challenges and opportunities we have faced.  i love that red head.  these last few months especially, have seemed to be incredibly challenging.  scott has been there for me and pulled the extra slack my poor health has left in its wake.  he is kind, patient and the best part about him is how easily he forgets.  while i'm not talking about the year he forgot our anniversary (i was never upset about it, we were moving across the country and he was on 48 hour OB/GYN rotations) i'm talking about what used to drive me nuts early on in our marriage that i have now come to appreciate.

early on in our marriage, he tried hard to pay attention to the 1,244,355 details i would give him on a daily basis that only a woman can give, but when asked for specific recall, he usually failed miserably.  he couldn't recall many details of childhood and often couldn't remember why so and so was bugging me because of the list of injustices they had caused me.  my immature self did not appreciate this angel like quality, yet i have always been drawn to his kindness and compassion to every person he meets.

this year i have realized to a great magnitude why our marriage works so well. it's because he forgets. he doesn't remember when i ruined dinner, or when i wasted money on something he saw as silly.  he doesn't remember when someone wronged him, or made a cruel joke at his expense.  he forgets when the kids act out and misbehave.  every second of his life is lived with this renewal, or better yet, a fresh start.  there are no bad things in his world. nothing bad that can't be forgotten and started fresh and clean.  how i admire and love that about him.  it has been such an anchor for me to watch and admire thru these many years. he lives life with no grudges and what a wonderful life he lives.

he has given me a large amount of optimism the past few months, never loosing sight of important things.  there have been many tears of frustration, exhaustion, and anxiety on my part, and he has been ever stalwart with kind hopeful words. how i love him. i love our life.  and when a man as good as that eyes a jeep for a very long time, why, you say happy anniversary dear!  and you watch with a thrill as he bounces around in his new (to him) jeep, dreaming of many summer nights with the top off and hair flying around.  i told him to throw practicality out the door, and for once, do something wonderful for himself.  while it took an awful lot of convincing, tonight, we are heading to a japanese fusion restaurant, riding in that jeep of his.  oh, how good it is to be married to a man who forgets...



Deanna said...

Love it. We love Scottie and all those qualities as well. You guys are an amazing couple and work so well together. Love the Jeep!!! Have fun in it!

emily ballard said...

You are strong. . . and so is that Jeep. Great symbolism!

Happy Anniversary!

kate said...

what a nice post. i, too, have a "forgetful" husband, but never really thought about it like that. you're right! the little things he forgets that frustrate me a bit are certainly out weighed by the big things he chooses not to remember (my shortcomings! etc.)
thanks for your insightful thoughts, it really made a difference to me today.and yay for scott's new ride! how fun!