Sunday, January 9, 2011

mr nancy

ted l nancy was sent to me in the mail. well, not ted himself, but his book. my alaska brother kept telling me about this letter writing man. since his descriptions always left me in fits of slobbering laughter, he knew i would truly enjoy it.

it is a book that jerry seinfeld helped get published after coming upon some of the funny letters ted wrote to various businesses. i have thoroughly enjoyed this book. i also have never read a book that has me laughing out loud and slobbering to prove my enjoyment. you can read about it HERE.

some of my favorite letters include those correspondences to hotels. my favorite laugh out loud moment occurred when reading about ted's inquiry to be accommodated by this hotel with his level 4 bed wetting status. or maybe it was the one to a hotel to ask if they could accommodate his third leg with a ottoman next to the bed. no, no, it has to be the inquiry to nordstrom's asking for the mannequin resembling his neighbor who just passed away and ted's need to purchase it and give it to the family as a way to heal. or maybe it was the inquiry to a seafood restaurant requesting to be seated by the dumpsters because of the immense odor he suffers from. if you think michael scott's stupidity is slightly entertaining, then ted will keep you in stitches.

also things that are tickling my funny bone lately include my mum,dad+technology.

we were celebrating my little sis's 16th birthday back in november. we ventured out with one toddler, two new borns, two post partum mothers, one technologically challenged mum, and a freshly turned 16 year old for an outing to the city. translated, a packed SUV, some traveling and FOOD. of course. anytime my mother is involved with a cell phone of any kind you can be sure it will be funny. we heard her phone ring, which involves a couple of seconds for her to verify that it is indeed HER phone. then, you have to watch the frantic digging through her purse and her banter with all around who it might be. somehow she has her phone rigged to tell the caller she is in a meeting. now, bless her heart. my mother isn't a high faluting weekday meeting goer. religious worship serving meeting goer, you betcha. but business suit, a call on line one - no. so her revealing this to us, that she has let some callers know she is in a meeting, is hilarious. the other hilarious factor is that she doesn't know how she does it. by the time this whole thing takes place she has missed the call, or hit the magic button to tell someone she is in a meeting. usually you get a call back. she has also branched out this past year to texting....

while on the subject of texting, i warned my dad that humor of this next situation was blog worthy, he was warned. his place of business has him using a fancy pants iphone. fancy nancy indeed. after some questioning about how, if, and when, texting is slowly winning his heart. he decided one day in the christmas bustle, to text my mom a love note of sorts thru his new found communication skills. my parents are ogden high sweethearts. both grew up in the heart, and i mean downtown, of the great o town. 27th and adams and 23rd and orchard for locals. let that bear testimony to you of the gravity of the inner city in which they lived. we have a lovely tradition in O town displaying tons of little house things with cute christmas scenes that adore the local downtown park. we call it christmas village. while in high school bliss, my dad accompanied my mom without complaint. once the courtship was over and children came around, my dad's declaration to all was that it was no longer fun. my mom's christmas wish every year is for his accompaniment to the christmas village. so, in a text message he sent to her it was something to the effect of this:

i love you now more than ever,

will you go to christmas village with me?


billy mac

after he sent the message, he realized he sent it to the stake president instead of my mom. he quickly had to try and undo this sticky situation. and look up there, no name to the recipient of this text. the thought of the stake president (a mormon term meaning someone high up) thinking that my dad (his executive secretary) was declaring christmas love to him had my poor motha laughing her way out of every shop she entered that day. she would enter a place of business with the intent to fetch holiday gifts, only having to exit because she couldn't control her giggles. she called me 5 hours after said incident barely able to get it out, in turn causing us to echo hysterics of laughing.

the stake president's reply to my dad was essentially asking if he could take credit for it and send it on to his own jingle bell sweetheart. . . . . . . . .


Deanna said...

I was just given the Letters From a Nut book from someone and can't wait to read it out loud with Todd.

The texting story about your dad is hilarious! love it!

Systhink said...

Haha I LOVE it. I wrote up a page on the first Letters from a Nut book years ago. So many good times reading them aloud with people over the years.