Friday, March 27, 2009

jobs and thoughts

and thoughts and jobs.

i posted a while back about the decision we were facing about employment.

did i mention that the night it happened, my little redheaded husband came to me with tear filled eyes brimming with gratitude that in these troubled times we weren't being faced with lack of employment? (that was a long run on sentence that was meant to demonstrate our gratitude.)

without going into too much detail, i will say that s.mac made a decision. i felt like it was his to make because either option was good. the new offer from the current job was wonderful and the new job offer was wonderful as well. it came down to s.mac taking some time to ponder and contemplate and call on a higher power to offer some warm fuzzies directing his decision.

i am so happy he was able to come up with the job to take feeling so strongly that it was the best one, and held the best future.

so that begs me to tell you that he is going to be taking the new job offer. he will be with a neuro surgeon in the area that he has been friends with for over 8 years. it doesn't mean that he hasn't lost sleep or shed tears about the surgeon he is leaving. it has been one of the harder things he has had to do. they are such good friends, always getting compliments in the OR from staff about how well they work together and they always let this pair know what a rare thing that is.

in the process of s.mac's job being posted as open, we have had a lot of phone calls at this house with interest for this job. it furthers our grateful hearts for these 2choices. with the downward spiral our economy seems to be doing, i thought his field of medicine was immune from the job layoffs and cutting back that seems to surround us. as these phone calls have been pouring in to our home of interested candidates in his job, i am shocked to find out of the lay offs, slow times and furlough's that PA's in this state are experiencing. people who fund clinics can't afford to fund anymore, dr's aren't busy like they used to be and people are not hiring right now. it has been super humbling for us to be able to recognize our blessings everyday. i also keep in the back of my mind a little extra gratitude for these events, knowing we aren't immune to hard things and our turn will one day be taken again as is has in years past. we will get the opportunity to learn from opposition.

in the next few months chit chat at this house will be of spines, the delicate brain and perfecting the neuro exam. his new books have been ordered and the learning has begun. so, adios. i am off to be the "patient" as he performs neuro exams to make sure my brain is ok.;)

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The Ballard's said...

What a blessing. Thank you for sharing. That "Red-head" deserves the very best.