Sunday, February 15, 2009

da weener eez.......

kas, for reals!

we didn't cheat, promise. but i am so happy that a future member of my family was picked, i have a vested interest involved here.

it was all fair and equal. ashley picked the winner out as we were all gathered as a big sunday night utah family. she was so excited to be doing something tied to a wedding!

if anyone else is interested, sister has some amazing prices. they are as follows:

for families it is $50 for up to 2 hours. you get the disc of all of the pictures from your session included. i love finding photographers while they are building their portfolio, you get amazing dealios and have such a fresh, creative look for your pictures.

you can email ashley at

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Kasidy said...

Woo Hoo! Lance showed me text from Scott last night and we were both really excited! I have been stewing for quite some time about how to go about getting great shots but staying inside our limited budget! :) This is perfect! Thanks so much from both of us!